• http://twitter.com/martinfasani Martin Fasani

    I would love to see the maps disappearing from google results since each day we have less natural results and more advertising marquee above the fold. Please Google, bring back some natural results, why all these care about cleaning the link networks and such if we can’t even see organic results without scrolling down ?

    The same bourgeoisie as the one that is buying luxury floors and destroying cities historic heritage, it seems that more and more advertising over result page has no limits. I say, bring on Anarchy!

  • http://twitter.com/bindashsandeep Sandeep Pattanaik

    Martin you are right.

  • diogo oliveira

    Martin, you know that you are not forced to use google… give https://duckduckgo.com/ a try

    Disclaimer: I love using google, and I love goole maps, and I hope this silly process will have the end it deserves.