• http://kevinpacheco.wordpress.com/ Kevin Pacheco

    “OK, the population of New York City is 8 million, so I suppose it’s awesome you manage to offer it three options […]”

    Actually, we’ve got four options. Alas, there were “no recent offers in Brooklyn.”

  • http://www.ringrevenue.com Gretchen Nemechek

    Thanks for giving those of us in Santa Barbara a shout out, Danny. I feel your pain. And I love the idea of the national offers, especially since Santa Barbara is getting its first REI really soon.

  • http://swarmofbeesmusic.blogspot.com emily j smith

    Interesting article! I think it’s good for Google to launch national offers – grow revenue without having to build out a massive salesforce. deel.io just posted an interesting blog comparing google national to groupon new york, putting things in perspective – http://blog.deel.io/. i think google can be a major player they just have to commit.