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    still enough :)

  • Filip Galetic

    I wonder how they are planning to counter lower CPC due to mobile in the long run? People are increasingly using their mobile phones to browse internet.

  • Durant Imboden

    It’s interesting that “network revenues” grew faster than revenues at Google’s own properties. All those behaviorally-targeted AdSense display ads that I see around the Web must be bringing in some money.

  • Marcus Wong

    i liked how the investors panicked and Google stock dropped a whopping 10% when it’s only a leaked quarter earnings. imagine if an seo abandoned the campaign he was working on due to a 10% drop in site traffic at any time. well i guess investors have more to lose, though i still think that was a knee jerk reaction.

  • Alan

    I wonder if Googles barely disguised attempt at driving publishers to adwords has backfired on them. All the big spenders (brands) name control the serps so they don’t need adwords (why would you when you got position 1 through to 9!). The poor little publishers don’t have the same kind of budget, the big guys do.

    The other possibility is that they have wiped out so many little publishers that used to spend part of their organic revenue on adwords. These guys can no longer afford to pay for their adwords campaigns!

    I would love for one of these to be true but I doubt this is the case, it would be more like an aberration. It will come back next quarter!

  • http://twitter.com/Neuromancer Maurice Walshe

    Its a diferent sort of searching on mobile People are going to reaserch big ticket items that command high CPC ads on a proper pc not a smart phone

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    I guess google is now seeing why the shopping clicks and cutting organic links from 10 to 7 was a very bad idea. Forcing American merchants to pay so much while the rest of the countries have shopping click for free is not fair.

  • Ittiam

    When a stock goes up 30% fast, for no apparent reason, one can bet it will also fall quicker

  • Durant Imboden

    I’d guess that it’s a numbers game. Assuming that mobile leads to more traffic overall (and to more local searches and ads), the total number of revenue-producing clicks should expand, so total revenue should increase even as average CPC declines.

  • http://twitter.com/freegiftcardshq Dean Calvert

    Big G will go down soon. Obvious that they are returning garbage results in many niches now, trying to force webmasters to pay for adwords to make up their losses and their money grubbing tactics will burn them. Screw Google am already migrating to Bing and other sources

  • http://blog.clayburngriffin.com/ Clayburn Griffin

    I now wish to sell all my shares of GOOG.

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  • Pat Grady

    In your own biz, if you successfully added a new, fast-growing channel, that happens to have lower prices, after your investors asked you to diversify… they’d cheer you. The stock market isn’t rational, and can’t understand basic math. OMG, CPCs are down on average, run for the hills! :-)

  • Alan

    Really hope that Eric Schmidt’d money grubbing attitude has come back and bit him on the ass! He appears to be the instigator of most of Google’s direction this year! Once a grub always a grub!

  • Durant Imboden

    How many publishers use AdWords? E-commerce sites do, but publishers? Not many, in my experience.