• http://www.jackcola.org Jack Cola

    I did notice that Realtime was available thursday 30th with the new UI, so it looks like they have now removed it – but I don’t think many people used it as it was essentially a Twitter search, with a few Facebook comments

  • http://NextParadigms.com Lucian Armasu

    Not sure about wanting to see Google+ shares in Google search. But I DO want to see it within Google+. I really want to see what the community is sharing, just like on Twitter. Why hasn’t Google enabled this from the beginning I wonder. Not enough data?

  • Jonathan

    Yep, it’s gone for me, too! I miss it already as I often used it.

    Did anyone else notice that the Tweets from twitter disappeared shortly before they removed Realtime? I was using it on the 2nd of July, and there were not Tweets in Realtime search since 3:13 AM EDT. Ideas, anyone?

  • http://www.make-it-rain.co.uk Luke Regan

    Maybe facebook and Twitter turned off the hoses once Google+ launched?

  • http://www.jfmonfette.com JF Monfette

    Bye the way, the 404 page featured above is really weak compared to Google’s best practice recommandations for 404 pages.

  • http://www.mediawestpost.com M.W.

    thats crazy. i use that realtime feed all the time. when fukushima was going on you could see the feeds coming from everywhere­. it was great. same with tornados and other breaking news, it was one of the best ways to get info fast.

    why would they remove that? google is losing their edge, all these failed concepts, while they remove the good ones….