• robynLeanne

    Ha he’s using a MacBook Pro… no ChromeBook?

  • http://paulgailey.com paulgailey

    But what is the *analysis* of this somewhat radical liberalisation of the Serps?

    This now allows snippets to arguably fill the Serps and there does not seem to be any Google verification that the starred results are ultimately legitimate. I postulated about this here: http://blog.paulgailey.com/dr-seuss-seo-star-wars but I’m flummoxed as to why SELand did not in this post. Surely you are more than a place to republish Google Webmaster videos?

    ps. when trying to +1 this post and Share to Circles, it’s impossible because the at least in Chrome, the YT videos conceal the Google Plus share button controls that drop down behind the YT videos. Bit more text uptop and it won’t be an issue!