• http://abrah.am/ Abraham Williams

    Looks like Google is getting ready to have search work with the Google+ menu rebbon on the left.

  • Swede Chris

    Have see or recognize any influence of change of top 10 ranking positions with this update?

  • robthespy

    Side or top…just keep it consistent across all devices.

  • http://profiles.google.com/mindprince/about Rohit Agarwal

    This has been the default layout on tablets for a long time.

  • http://filedir.com/ Mark Jobs

    I don’t like new layout

  • JamesS

    Now they will fill left column also with Advertisements.
    Greedy Google!

  • Juanra

    As it has been commented, google tested this new layout for tablets before

  • Justin Urich

    If you download the google search app on ipad, theyve already converted to this layout

  • http://mikefrensham.com/ Mike Frensham

    As usual Google in control but I must say that this may well help users..
    Im all for quality search results!
    I do hope as JamesS says in his post this left column will not be filled
    with adds though!!

  • Durant Imboden

    @Google: While you’re at it, make “Web” what it once was, and put Universal Search results under a new heading called “Everything” or something similar.

  • Blue-eyed Gal

    Somehow this doesn’t seem like the best move for the mobile web. i’ll be interested to see what shows up on my tablet.

  • Blue-eyed Gal

    Oh, great. Because vertical real estate is SOOOOO expansive on a tablet. (Or am I the only one with bad eyesight who can’t read text on pages in portrait mode?)

  • Alan

    My guess is that it will be ads. Based on Googles own heatmap data.

  • rmonitor

    Hmm maybe Matt Cutts discussion on Hackernews on percent of screen for organic search caught someone’s attention inside. He pointed out that the left column is all organic search which is a good amount of real estate.

  • http://twitter.com/RekhaBisht5 Rekha Bisht

    I think it is a part of Google changes, but I will definitely say, it’s going to be helpful for all.

  • http://twitter.com/YoungbloodJoe Joe Youngblood

    Goodbye Organic above the fold…

  • Deboti Chowdhury

    I saw this layout, but when I refreshed the page it was gone & back to the old look. I guess I wouldn’t mind the new layout.

  • http://www.seo-first-page.com/ SEO First

    I think it’s a fantastic move from Google. I Guess through this move we will see more users using the other search options, and it is something that Google wants users to do.

  • James Hobson

    looking at this through board room goggles I think that Google is dealing with some internal issues. This format seems to slightly sacrifice user experience to help with PPC advertising. Corporate demands for year-over-year revenue increases seem to be influencing the new layout.

  • robthespy

    A (multi billion dollar) public company’s #1 responsibility is to its shareholders.

    Don’t believe anyone who tells you googles motives are different.

  • Kerchak

    Loathe the “above results” layout.

  • Mike Cartmel

    Seems like they are still testing. It’s just appeared here in the UK