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    I totally agree with you that favicons or ulterior symbols would obviously serve as eye-catchers & therefore ultimately lead to higher CTRs and a better QS. However, as Greg has pointed out, it would not make any sense if everybody can use them as it would cease the effect. So what is Google testing here? Will there be a certain restraint
    for accessibility to advertisers? Or is Google merely trying to increase CTR on ads in general in order to earn more money?
    I don’t really know, but in any case the test made me curious enough to post it and see what others think about it. Let’s see what happens in the future. :-)
    Best, Matt

  • http://tomasz.topa.pl Tomasz Topa

    One of the many Google test SERPs, but worth mentioning that this time it’s concerning paid links.

    Those icons surely do draw attention. As small as 16x16px but if there are almost no other graphics on the page, they stand out of the crowd. Even if 75% of the AdWords links will have icons, they will all have way better CTR than previously.

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    I have a screen shot of this for the US…should have blogged about it a week or two ago when I saw it. lol I could not replicate it again. :(

    I’ll email the screen shot to you if you’d like to see it.

  • http://www.admoolah.com/blog tlainevool

    I have a screen capture of a US based search on my blog: http://www.admoolah.com/blog/index.php/2009/03/google-adds-favicons-to-ads/

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    On 13 March Google AdWords was also testing the favicons in the UK for a very brief period- see the screen captures in my blog:

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    Google UK has confirmed this morning that it was a closed test, limited to a very few select advertisers (who might not have known that they were participating) and searchers. As far as our AM knew, it was global and lasted for a very short period of time: