• Matthias

    I’ve seen the new design in a few cases. In German, they use the word “Anzeige”, which is longer than just “Ad” but still easy to miss. The new design will probably generate more accidental clicks. It remains to be seen whether this is good for advertisers and consumers. I’m pretty sure the German consumer protection organisations will cry foul as soon as they catch wind of this change.

  • Durant Imboden

    On the other hand, the yellow “Ad” icon is easier to see (at least on my laptop) than the old layout’s peach-colored background, which fades to invisibility on some displays.

    I think a bigger issue is usability. Google has been the last bastion of underlined links, probably because underlining is a pretty clear indicator of “This is a link” when used on a Web page. Will a significant percentage of users be confused by the disappearance of link underlines?