• Isla_McKetta

    This is fantastic news! The stories I could tell about being lost in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest without cell service (and thus no map). Now if Google Maps can only figure out the difference between a logging road (which is sometimes a hypothetical road) and a real road, we’re set for summer vacation!

  • http://www.facebook.com/abhiktheone Abhik Biswas

    You can’t compare Google Maps with Nokia Maps. Google Maps is much better when it comes to navigation. It has more detailed roads and satellite imagery.

    Too bad Google stopped supporting Maps for latest Symbian devices. I really miss it on my Nokia 701.

  • Halid

    Ok so if we have GPS on our phone and we download map areas. why do I need connection via cellular or WiFi? when I use Garmin, maps are pre downloaded so it uses just GPS no data connection. google makes deal with thiefs att verizon etc.. to make it so that consumers use their overpriced capped data and they get percentage of that. This offline maps is crap useless. Do you agree or no?

  • David Wirtz

    You’re right. There is NO comparison as Nokia Maps application is infinitely better. You can download the entire WORLD to your cellphone or just the countries you want…and they are all available offline…including POI. You never need a data connection when using Nokia Maps to navigate.

  • David Wirtz

    With Windows Phone or Nokia Symbian, you don’t ever need a data connection for maps/navigation. All countries can be downloaded and then you never need to use a data connection again. Care to change your destination at the last minute? No problem since Nokia Maps works perfectly to calculate your route offline…and includes points of interest as well! Why be limited to 6 large metropolitan areas when you can download the entire world?