• Riddhi Thakker

    Post Penguin 2.0 update Some of websites outperformed and some showed really bad results. It would be really interesting to see the results of these future rolling updates.

  • http://jobappplus.com/ Alex Miklin

    Keepin SEOs on their toes!

  • http://zackwilliamson.com/ Zack Williamson

    I guess this could also help to prevent major catastrophes the they would later have to correct.

  • hitchhiker999

    This actually means it’s going to be impossible to track down what update caused what chaos on our side. *great*

  • http://www.blogginggurus.com/ Jane Davies

    Why not to announce properly , whats wrong on this

  • http://www.dongphuc.mobi/ dong phuc

    that is reason

  • http://www.freakfish.co.uk/ Adam Robinson

    Dancing means no stable rankings for most people = spend on Adwords

  • Dr. Pete

    Given the weird patterns of volatility we’ve been seeing, I’ve had a lot of doubts about the claim that Panda was really in “everflux” and fully integrated. This makes a lot more sense.

  • daveintheuk

    Because Google likes to generate fear, uncertainty and doubt amongst businesses…

  • Dr. Pete

    Unfortunately, I think you’re both right. It mitigates the impact, which may allow Google to make adjustments, but it also masks the impact, which keeps people from being able to pinpoint where they have problems.

  • Avinash Conda

    As if they announce all the updates….
    some of a them are announced after the update is rolled out… n who know how many of them were not announced!!!

  • GiGi

    I was wondering what exactly was happening with some of my sites. This most certainly clarified a few things.

  • Denishverma

    Google always play a game. Its not really professional way.
    Good companies always noticed any updates like microsoft / etc. But google never., and After updates – Google never detailed the process to recover or to fix the issues on websites…

    I agreed – its business strategy but – all are really not a good way .

  • Darren Ernest

    what are you doing on your sites that google hates so much that every algorithm change “caused chaos”???????

  • hitchhiker999

    I have 100k visitors a day, I’m experiencing CHAOS because I can see large patterns. It’s chaos, a mess, and it’s not favouring quality. Also, all algorithms till nov’12 including panda caused more traffic, over 80k a day more at the time. And you, what’s your data? – You’re making huge assumptions about my sites.