• Rob Holzer

    Lots of different opinions on guest blogging for seo. So, if I’m looking to hire a new seo firm that says they use a few major tactics (link building through blogging, onsite optimization, etc.) to help you– as they all do– what should you expect them to say when asked about the guest blogging controversy? Is it too soon for seo firms to have adjusted? Every one I’ve spoken with has basically scoffed and said that guest blogging is still a good tactic.

  • Machismo

    The Story reminds me of Google being like big government. If this kind of scrutiny is going to be given in order to be bring a website off the Google search list, then Google is wrong. Absolute power corrupts, and I guess there is a new bully in town.

  • http://www.resumeok.com/ Felix Tarcomnicu

    Yet another reason for SEOs to panic.

  • http://www.truckingtruth.com/ Brett Aquila

    I don’t think what Google did was a debacle at all. It was a shot across the bow. They were telling Sheldon, “We know what you’re doing. We don’t like what you’re doing. We’re watching you, and you’re going to pay a price if we catch you doing it.” He got rid of the link, they took down the penalty. Case closed. Now he’ll really think twice about doing it again.

    And the fact that Google targeted an SEO shows they thought out ahead of time what methods to use to get their message across. Hit an SEO with a small penalty and 10,000 SEO’s will spread the message across the Web. Google accomplished exactly what they set out to do on both fronts because Sheldon (and most of us) won’t be doing that kind of stuff anymore and here we are talking about it.

    You can’t tell Google “Enough with the penalties and get into a model where if you don’t like a link, you don’t count it rather than issuing penalties”. You didn’t think that through very well. That’s like telling bank robbers, “We’re not going to throw you in jail for robbing a bank but we are going to take the money away from you.” So what incentive would there be NOT to rob banks??? None! If you get away with it, you win. If you get caught, no big deal. Just try again. There has to be consequences for breaking rules or it’s well worth the tiny bit of risk for the opportunity at a big gain.

    And the idea that Google is enforcing rules on content that was put up before the rules is also baloney. Manipulating search results with artificially acquired links has always been against Google’s terms. That was a policy when the guest post was put up.

    Listen, if you wander into gray hat areas, and maybe even some black hat areas, you know you’re taking a risk but you think it’s worth it. If you get caught, don’t cry about it and blame others. You took a shot, it didn’t pay off, now go back to the drawing board and try something else.