• http://www.searchengineoptimizationjournal.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    “Make it insanely easy for people share your content and give them specific calls to action to do exactly that.”

    You’d be amazed at how many people fail to do just that! I’m constantly telling my clients they have to add social share buttons to their content, but they don’t always understand what that’s so important. Even if it only takes 2 extra steps to share your content, how many people aren’t going to bother because of that?

  • http://about.me/damiandavila Damian Davila

    “Why not start with some excellent blog articles with some outstanding images?”
    Excellent advice. Even just a single image brings an article to life.
    I would add that it is really important to include the “alt” tag of the image with relevant keywords so that people can find your article through search engines. Cover all angles!
    Great graphics, nice job.

  • Shailender Kumar

    Link Bait means a content, infogram, video, images or so on which has been created to make it popular like viral. Right?? But my question is how would you know that something is created for the purpose of being viral (Link Bait purpose)?? I mean everyone share content or any other stuff in a hope that whole world will see it and like it………. so what’s different while making a link bait??

  • http://www.thepapapost.com Ramesh

    Nice work Tom. I wish there was “content strategy” somewhere in between. Not sure why SEOs think about Content through Link Bait? I wonder if SEOs might have better success learning about Content Strategy.

    In my experience good content has brought tons of good links. I believe that good links will follow the good content…the natural way as it should be.