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    An interesting (well to me) sidenote is that Microsoft inherited a pending patent from Platefood that relates to this.

    I’m not sure Microsoft are even aware they have it but the might want to consider where it is in the process (process started in 05, record of invention goes back to 04).

    It’s more specific than the Google patent as it relates only to PPC Search results being impacted by location.

    You can find more details here: http://www.wipo.int/pctdb/en/wo.jsp?wo=2006005102&IA=AU2005000977&DISPLAY=DESC

  • benhoyle

    Hi Greg,

    Good to see you start with the independent claims of the patent, as these define the scope of legal protection.

    Many of the posts on this patent lift phrases at random from the main description of the patent. While such phrases are useful in understanding the context of the claims, and could possibly be used in court to determine how the claims are interpreted, they do not explicitly define the subject-matter for which Google has been granted a patent.

    I have posted some comments here: bit.ly/clfTgG .


  • http://screenwerk.com Greg Sterling

    I believe there are number of patents in the “local” segment that appear to conflict with one another.

  • http://keshoo.com keshoo

    Thanks for the details. Question to you experts:

    Does this patent change the game for everybody in local search and local advertising business?

  • Philip

    Here are two papers preceding this patent that describe geo-located advertising in the context of an open source geographic search engine called mobilemaps:


    The ad server wasn’t open sourced like the server, but the code is still available to the authors. It was keyword location advertising and used proximity to modify the ad relevance. The site mobilemaps.com is a ghost site now, but is still live, and was indexed on waybackengine.

    If anyone would like to contest this or similar patents in this area, and finds these papers useful, please get in touch with the authors at: peter AT askthelocal DOT com

  • http://startpad.org mckoss

    I actually filed a patent (for Microsoft) in 1998 that describes using location information to present advertisements presented in a web browser! 6,731,612 issued May, 2004.