• http://www.universalbusinesslisting.org cptravers

    Excellent summary of a question businesses and interactive agencies ask us at universalbusinesslisting.org frequently – how to rank in the algorithmic display of the local listing data. It was good to see you refer to the value of accurate and recent inclusion into the infoUSA database that underpins the majority of search engines. Your readers might also like to know that the use of infoUSA’s Express Update product cuts by half the amount of time it takes for entry into their database compared to other means like their public entry form. The use of Express Update as part of the UBL listing process has become increasingly important – as well as learning the secrets of what tracking numbers and URLs can be accepted too. Again, great piece, Chris

  • http://www.searchworxx.com Marcus C

    Chris, you have found and explained exactly what I have been seeing. I have become much more active in Local Business Listing and encouraging business owners to request reviews of customers basically because it appeared to me that Google was giving a great deal of weight to customer review input in the order of listings. That, combined with keyword matching in the listing information, have been the biggest factors in how these are displayed. It has become an entry point to introduce smaller clients to SEO practices that return meaningful results for them in my practice.

    I have also shifted to account for the local results appearing within the SERPs for broader keywords. I think it is a tremendous opportunity for the small business (and small budget) client. I think Google may see this as a win, win: They give significance to local preferences, while at the same time forcing bigger players to spend more in Adwords since there will be more competitors in the organic results.

    I guess we’ll see how it shakes out. IMO “local significance” is here to stay.