• Steve

    Great review. I appreciate this was a small sample.

    The processing power under the “hood” of Google Instant must be awesome and a competitive differentiator with any wannabee. I believe the computing power needed for Yahoo to replicate the Google Instant experience might be why their approach does not seem be as pure as Google Instant and why their results seem to fall short.

    And on a side note, I was really impressed with Google Chrome update yesterday which incorporates their amazing voice to text, another future differentiator.

  • http://caridy.name/ Caridy Patino

    Danny we found an issue in search.yahoo.com with the geo-location in our first beta. That’s why you have to add the zipcode for “weather” query in search.yahoo.com. Although, in the search result page it works fine:

    Fix is on its way :). Btw, thanks for taking the time to review our beta. I should gets better after some tuning.

    Best Regards,

  • Peter Hanson

    Extremely dumb.
    Search on a product nunber with Google Instant and you see an entire listing of links, along with previews. Do this with Yahoo! and all you see are the paid sponsored links.
    Dumb as dumb can get.

  • http://www.go-optimisation.co.uk kanebart

    Re: Steve
    I think this could be right for a lot of competitors but I think with Microsoft powering Yahoo they should, and I’m sure, do have the computing power to run something similar to instant. I think the main differentiator is the people and the willingness to invest heavily in search.

    Google rely on search as the main revenue stream so they invest heavily in it. Search for Microsoft/Yahoo is small fry in comparison to their core business.

    They’re investing in it but I’m sure they’re more interesting in investing in Windows etc. as that’s their cash cow. So they seem to release small updates which they expect to rival Google, but without investment they just look like weak copies.

    If the gap between Google and Microsoft was closer I’m certain they would invest a lot more money into things like this, but as it stands they don’t want to push too much into it.