• http://www.phil-duncan.com Phil Duncan

    Hi Conrad,

    These observations are relevant to many more fields that just SEO, and they really resonated with me as an analyst. Point 4 is hilarous, I’m afraid I’m guilty of exactly that, I will have to sort myself out!

  • Winooski

    I love the idea of Point 4: Getting benchmarks from companies in completely different industries doing successful online marketing. However, it would seem to be an exceptionally hard sell, and I can imagine top management saying something like, “Why should we care about ecommerce metrics that come from a type of business that isn’t like ours?”

    I wonder how you would answer that.

  • Conrad Saam

    Phil and Winooski – thanks for your comments, I think I may resurrect an article on non-competitive benchmarking for the next post . . . .