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    then flag.Junk
    else bing.Fail

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    We are an SEO company in Orange County and one of our biggest challenges with new clients is making sure we overcome dead link issues when optimizing websites. Good article.

  • Tatyana Serbit

    When Wikipedia and others were on SOPA protest, Google recommended them to use 503 (Service unavailable) header status to not being re-crawled with new “content” and lose positions.
    What whould Bing do?
    >Dead link examples are pages that return a 4xx or 5xx error code is returned from an HTTP request for a page.
    >When Bing does detect a dead link, depending on their algorithms they may “boost its re-crawl priority and frequency”

    The key point is that they “may”. Also they may not. Depending on their algorithms. They may just kill the page from SERP and index. Also they may not. ))