• http://flyconseils.com stremblay

    Great article. Even better for site speed, now as Google just announced you no longer need to add special code to your analytics tracking code (source : Google Analytics Blog, http://analytics.blogspot.com/2011/11/site-speed-now-even-easier-to-access.html)

  • http://www.yonego.nl Matties Otter

    Thanks stremblay! That’s definitely great news! Kind Regards, Matties

  • http://www.search-engine-academy-washington-dc.com Nancy

    Matties, great reminder on the page speed load factor. Most of my clients and attendees don’t know that one, and I like that you highlighted site search boxes. Those are often overlooked gold mines.


  • http://andrewhall.com Andrew Hall

    Nice write up. Google Analytics is the second place I go to every morning when I first go online.

  • http://www.yonego.nl Matties Otter

    @Nancy and @AndrewHall thank you for your kind replies!