• http://alexavery.com.au Alex Avery – SEO, PPC, Analytics Consultant Melbourne, Australia

    So this is just an ad for Raven Tools right? I use a different tool. It’s much cheaper, and little more “techie” which suits me fine and it provides me with at least 4 different metrics to rank the value of links – not just one (arbitrary proprietary one at that).

    The process I would be most interested in is the large scale CRM of the link owners and email and what tools, processes or recommendations you have in that regards.

    Analysing the links and working out who to hustle is the easy bit. The good hustle is the key..

  • Julie Joyce

    Ha! No, it’s not at all an ad…it’s actually the tool I use for exactly what I describe.

    I’ve tried Zoho for CRM (not an ad) before but we’re a bunch of Luddites and honestly, we haven’t needed anything more than a spreadsheet and a MySQL database.

    It is definitely a much bigger process than may be indicated in this article, so perhaps a follow up with more in-depth information would be a good idea.

  • http://www.seomagician.com Phil Busk

    Julie, nice article and good use for Raven tools. I too like to clean up old legacy link “crap” when possible. My only complain on the Raven tools is they pick up links that are no longer in existence; sometime they pick up sites that are no longer in existence. On a time consuming venture it just adds more time.

    Alex, what are you using?

  • http://www.ericward.com Eric Ward

    Alex — what do you use? I use my own in house created tool, and I don’t use any third party metric for scoring. I use my own head and Google. Yes, it takes longer. but frankly, I trust my own judgement for scoring URLs more than any tool I’ve seen thus far.