• http://www.michaelfokken.com/ Michael Fokken

    One thing to keep in mind is when to post your content. Hubspot.com has done a lot of research on stuff like that.

  • http://escapestudio.net mvarga

    Acctually it’s very simple. Use the KISS model.

    Before it was keep it short and simple,

    today you should: Keep it Significant and Shareble.

  • http://humanwebsite.com.my Kent

    When talk about content, the most important is creativity. A lot of people knows should focus on benefits of readers, that’s why information is overloaded and only those really creative win.

  • http://www.steelcast.com Jordan Kasteler

    @mvarga – Yes, I agree. The last thing you want to do is over-complicate your content as social users notoriously have a low-attention span already. Even more so than regular Internet users.

    @Kent – Yes, agreed as well. Creativity is the key to being unique and being able to keep people hooked.

  • http://localworksmedia.com Shawn Sellen

    Correct punctuation, grammar, words, and sentence structure also go a long way. This article needs to be fixed as not to appear as an oxymoron.