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    Maybe if you’re working with a nice disposable budget, but any small time business or new website generally can’t afford to just test out keywords through PPC while paying $0.05 to $9 per click. Especially if they don’t have the infrastructure set up to do anything with those clicks to make money while testing. Sounds great for those clients that want to just throw money at SEO/PPC without worrying about the ROI.

    A better use would be to guide an already existing PPC campaign eventually to 100% SEO and drop PPC from the budget. Find the converting keywords, then do the SEO for them, and phase out PPC. I have yet to find a client with a PPC campaign who is actually making money from it. They all want help “improving” it. That’s easy, stop doing it and do something that works.

  • rahul rastogi

    awesomely explained.. looking forward to pimp my PPC campaign accordingly..