• hex1848

    I’ve been using phone call tracking with local numbers provided by HostedNumbers.com in my Google places. I have them integrated with Google Analytics on my websites. HostedNumbers.com will do an HTTP Post to an Analytics URL which you configure as part of the service. I’ve played around with some custom scripts, but the Google Analytics setup was easy and I’m already using it for tracking web traffic on my site.

  • http://www.ringrevenue.com gnemechek

    Thank you for the helpful article. With respect to your point about click-through rates dropping due to the inclusion of phone numbers in ads, Google ran some tests recently on this and found that CTRs actually go up by 5-30% when phone numbers are included. Many of our network and agency partners clients experience similar CTR lift on their online campaign initiatives (search, display, content posts, social media, etc.) when a phone number is included in the advertisement. Often just the presence of a phone number is enough to convince a wary buyer to click, implying credibility and comforting them with the knowledge that the company is reachable if necessary. We definitely agree that testing is the way to go. Phone numbers may wind up not only lifting your CTR, but also deliver highly valuable phone traffic that converts more often and at higher price points. Also worth noting, many potential customers would prefer to call, which means that not displaying a number can translate into lost business. Especially in the case of mobile search. In short, it doesn’t have to be calls vs. clicks – it can be calls *and* clicks.