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    Rule of thumb: Never say anything on LinkedIn you wouldn’t be comfortable saying at a networking group or tradeshow, and remember their are NO exhibitors allowed on LinkedIn! Lots of times innocent rookies automatically revert to just over-selling their services. I see it all the time.

    LinkedIn has led to some of my biggest deals. I don’t ever do anything to say why my business is great. By simply actively participating and sharing good insights and findings, the right connections just happen.

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    Thank you for not only the excellent and well-rounded post on LinkedIn, but also for utilizing my blog to describe what a LION is. Just as the previous commenter mentioned, I have found lots of business on LinkedIn by engaging. There is a scientific side to getting found, but there is also a side that requires the same time and energy that you would use at a networking opportunity. Work LinkedIn like a virtual chamber of commerce meeting by providing value and sharing, and you will find business through engagement.