• russofford

    Great post.  Thanks for sharing your process with us.

    I find that I have already been using a few of these concepts without really knowing there was a larger sub-set of funnels with which to work.

    I had previously thought in more limited terms of search phrases that are ‘sales producing’ and search phrases where people are ‘researching’ a problem/solution. Within the researching stage, I knew that some website visitors were searching using ‘problem’ type keywords and others used ‘solution’ type keyword phrases.  Within the ‘solution’ phrases, I found that some people were looking for general types of solutions and others were researching a particular solution that they had previously encountered.

    With this client’s product, it is VERY important that we educate the potential customer of this alternative solution very early on in the process.  Many people do not even know this solution exists so they think that they need to REPLACE (with a new very expensive product) rather than REPAIR their system with this (very affordable) solution.  We try to provide as much education about the problem itself, the solutions, as well as the downfalls of other ‘competing solutions’ (apart from replacement.)

    This new knowledge will definitely help me tackle this particular client.  I had them in mind the entire time I was reading this article!

    Thanks again. Russ.

  • sandeep kumar

    Thanks for such a elaborative article about keyword.
    Normally we follow the above steps without knowing thwir technical aspects but you have explained them with proper expalanation and example.
    Thanks once again.

  • http://twitter.com/ShadeWilson Shade Wilson

    Good article, and while it’s from a PPC perspective, this same type of approach also works well for content development, and SEO.

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  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    Understanding user intent is so important in keyword research. Why someone is searching is just as important as what they are searching for (what keywords are they using). This is a great way to break it down.

  • ClaytonEsperanza

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  • russofford

    Man, I wish I wasn’t the first person to make a comment on your post… I keep getting notifications from the Disqus system from people trying to spam your post.  :S  That’ll teach me!  It seems like the spammers try to make a comment on the first comment left on the page. (?!?)

  • http://www.esocialmedia.com Jerry Nordstrom

    Ted – Excellent article. Like the previous commenters I have used an intent based funnel for years with a great deal of success. You have articulated this concept in a very clear and concise manner – well done. I would love to hear your follow up on how this level of detail is expressed in the number of landing pages you create? How do you efficiently manage a campaign structure, rules, bids, ads and related landing pages with this level of detail? Is this set-up too complex for the DIY small business, or can they get away with your subset of funnel stages? What are the minimum requirements for tools to manage this type of campaign structure? Can adwords and editor handle it, or does one have to go up the chain and implement more robust tools like Omniture or Kenshoo?

  • http://twitter.com/tedives Ted Ives

    Jerry – I might do a followup at some point, you raise a lot of good questions – I’ll try to answer a few here:

    The minimum requirement is really just adwords and the editor.

    I find that once you put campaigns together in this way, you can progressively work your way backwards to put negatives into earlier funnel stages – so your late funnel ones have very few but the earlier funnel ones have later stage terms as negatives – sort of makes negative management a little easier to figure out.

    I also break each stage into “performers” versus general (so say, 20 campaigns), and make the performers contain all exact match and the general campaign all phrase match (again, dropping the exact match negatives into those phrase match versions).

    Also if you’re bidding on a CPC basis only (less than ideal), you can
    bid up the later funnel stages, and in a way sort of be bidding in a
    CPA-like fashion even though you don’t have conversion information –
    say, 50 cents for early funnel terms and $3.00 for late funnel terms for
    instance.  Intuitively this should be closer to what you would be bidding if you actually had some kind of tracking in place, rather than just a flat $1.50 across the board for instance.

    Based on what I’ve seen with my clients, it’s a bit too complex for them to set up themselves, but once it’s in place they find it pretty easy to understand.

    Landing pages – in the ideal world you should have one per Ad Group; in practice you don’t see people go to that much effort.  I do think that organizing along these funnel stages allows you to perhaps consider designing landing pages to target funnel stages, so you may have some seemingly unrelated ad groups at first glance that might be able to use the same landing page, because the prospect is at a similar stage in both cases.