• http://www.springboarddigital.com Haydyn Phillips

    good post although I may be missing a point about rich snippets. I quote from http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=1211158

    “Google doesn’t use markup for ranking purposes at this time—but rich snippets can make your web pages appear more prominently in search results, so you may see an increase in traffic”

    Which does actually beg the question why go to all that effort to mark up using the schema.org recommendations if it only potentially can aid visibility in serps, which is definitely not guaranteed

  • http://www.eyewebmaster.com I.W.

    It is true that putting the right title and snippet for your article can help search engine crawl your website easily. My advice is that don’t do spam your snippets what I mean here is that write your snippet relatively to the content of your article or web page.

  • http://buzzquotient.com/ B.Q.

    Its interesting that improved snippets can improve ranking for keywords. Now people have to focus on getting good content instead of keyword stuffing. Also improvement on how to rank fresh content will impact roughly 35 percent of total searches. So fresh content would be very important and webmasters and website owners should constantly seek to refresh their content.

  • Logan Chierotti

    Good post. I think we have all seen these coming. Google is putting more and more value into rich snippets. The important snippets to look at are ones that are helping users find what they are looking for. Adding snippets just to add snippets, isn’t going to benefit you.