• http://marketing-blog.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    Thanks for the news Greg. I knew Bing had something in the works.

    I don’t really do anything with Bing, but am thankful for any developments that help to challenge Google to continue to improve Google Places. Lots of changes in the past week since the re-org and more on the horizon soon, I’m sure.

  • jonstone98

    Thanks for update. Is there a bulk upload tool planned for organizations with multiple locations? Bing’s focus here is SMBs, but there wld surely be demand for it. Thanks, js

  • johan

    wow that was very great and fine to all the people ………thank you…….

  • Matt McGee

    Jon, yes Bing has said they plan to have a bulk upload feature in the future.

  • http://searchmarketinginc.in/ S.M.

    Thanks for update. Is SMB Bing Business Portal available in India.

  • http://visionvirtuelle.ca Siva Sivakolunthu

    It would be nice to have bulk upload for Bing Business Portal. I checked the FAQ section of Bing and seems like they dont have it now. :(

  • http://www.kellyjcooper.com Kelly Cooper

    Was stoked to check out Business Portal because Local Listing Center had been down for a while but logged in to find the businesses ‘pending verification’ were no longer in my listings. Anyone else experience this problem?

  • http://www.salsurra.com Sal Surra

    Nice move Bing! I think this will be a good feature for Bing and will help local and small businesses capture more traffic and sales from Bing.