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    “Modify with care” is the important part for mine. Modifiers in general add a lot of complexity to an account and make account optimisation infinitely more difficult. Our golden rule is to err on the side of not using modifiers unless the data or client business case absolutely demands it.

    Keeping things simple is usually the best recipe for success.

    Great post!

  • OllieWillie

    The New York mobile user example is very flawed… The $8 CPC is a max CPC, so unless someone else in the auction is willing to bid the same amount with the same Quality Score you’ll not be paying $8 for that click.

  • Thibaud Jurquet

    You’re absolutely right, but you’ll still end up paying a little bit more. I once had an account manager who kept on increasing his bid on a good keyword, even though its average position was already 1 ; when I analysed this keyword, its CPC had been steadily increasing. Not by much, but still enough to lose a few ROI points…

  • Jeremy Hull

    That’s a fair point–this is an intentionally extreme example!

    While your CPC likely won’t be $8.00, if you don’t pay attention to how the multipliers combine you likely won’t realize you’re bidding that high.

    Bidding multipliers are extremely powerful, but advertisers should be careful about how they combine, especially since right now there’s little “out of the box” reporting that illuminates these combinations after the fact.