• Amanda Adolphs

    Great post, I’ve been trying to decide whether to get a new laptop or ipad. It’s a tough call as I would still use my PC at the office and probably only use the laptop/ipad or now Chromebook when I’m out and about.

    The Chromebook does sound really good but I’m a little concerned about the internet coverage in Australia. Thoughts??

  • http://contentblogger.shore.com/ John Blossom

    Actually, you could have done the whole review on a Chromebook – there’s a nice Chrome extension from Diigo available for creating and editing screenshots:

    I tend to agree that there is something about a Chromebook that makes it somewhat of a tablet competitor. Web apps are providing more rich functionality, offsetting some of the apps advantages of tablets, while the oversize touchpad on the Samsung Chromebook is almost like a tablet interface in some ways. Certainly with its rapid startup, relatively light form and long, long battery life it competes with tablets for leanback and mobile attention. While native apps give tablets some advantages, and we may yet see notebook computers that merge Android and Chrome capabilities, Chrome OS offers a highly bulletproof way to experience the Web that can work for consumers and enterprises alike. Give the Chromebook a touch screen and the argument gets stronger for it.