• http://twitter.com/MichelleObama7 Clifford Bryan

    You’re certainly right Matt the buzz is gone for now. If developers can come up with some useful apps to increase functionality and ‘fun factor’ that could change. All it takes it one good application to get the ball rolling. After the Google Buzz privacy issue took center stage the company lost a lot of steam. Any useful app that Google comes up with or endorses to increase usage would have to pass the PR department from here on out.

  • http://searchmarketingcommunications.com Tim Cohn

    I can’t think of a single me too copy cat product that ever when on to usurp its model.
    I am sure there are some examples but Google Buzz isn’t one of them.

  • dismal

    So you’re checking for Google searches on an application integrated into one of the most used Google applications? Nobody needs to do a search for it, it’s ever present…

  • Scott Wachtmann

    I think the problem is we haven’t seen any compelling reason for us to be using Buzz yet. The main selling point of this service over Twitter or any other competitor is the simplicity of use. After all what could be easier then an email embedded social network? The problem as I see it though is that ease of use isn’t in itself compelling. If Buzz were to expand its offering to give us a reason for wanting to use it then we might begin to appreciate the simplicity the system brings. As of right now though they’ve only succeeded in attaching the Google name to an already established norm.

  • http://www.whitehat-blackbelt.com RebeccaL

    There’s almost a stigma attached to it. If I were to mention to my privacy nut friends that I’m still using Buzz, I would get a lecture for sure. And being admonished by two different governments who are both calling for investigations into possible privacy breaches is surely a deterrent. No wonder it’s fallen off the radar.

  • thomasM

    You’re all living in a bubble. I work in marketing and I’ve been getting tons of use out of buzz. As dismal says above, what has searches for something got to do with usage?

    One example, Buzz is a great crowdsourcing tool. Only trouble is you have to engage with people rather than feed them your tweets. Buzz is too social for most marketers.

  • Darkhuntress

    Not to worry. Give Google a few more months and they will get the Buzz buzzing again.
    If Google is serious about taking over Twitter, believe me, they will.

    Never ever count Google out.,