• http://www.AtlantaAnalytics.com Evan LaPointe

    Great post, Shari! The more we hear about mixing disciplines, the better — we are all a little guilty of sitting in our silos too often, even when our silos have so much in common with (and so much to benefit from) others.

  • http://www.hyperdisk.com Randal

    Thank you for the great post. As an SEO newbie, i was wondering if you could help clarify something for me: Where exactly would the canonical taxonomy be located within a site or is it something slightly more abstract and just the pre-site site-map that gets laid out? Sorry for such an ignorant question.

  • http://www.webtraction.net WebTraction

    Thanks for the article! I have been trying to bridge the gap with programmers on this for some time and I find that they are mostly ignorant of best SEO practices on site architecture, and alas, I am not well versed enough in programming to do it myself. At least I can articulate what needs to be done if working with the right programmer. But they are had to come by!

  • http://www.search-usability.com/ Shari Thurow

    Thank you for your kind words. Information architecture (IA) is not as simple as it might seem at times.

    Randall, think of a canonical taxonomy as the proverbial org chart, where content is organized vertically, beginning with the home page. This is hard to do, sometimes, because SEOs want to group everything by keyword, marketers and conversion specialists (an image of an used-car salesman has popped into my head) want to force people down a sales funnel whether users are ready or not, and IT? Well, let’s just say that their mental models are not the same as user mental models most of the time.

    I understand that websites must meet business goals. Well, so do information architects and usability professionals. They help websites meet business goals by understanding users and accommodating them when they can.

    Finally, site architecture and information architecture, IMHO, are inseparable. A good site architecture consists of an effective information architecture. i think most SEO/developer hybrids might have the computer part down but are in the dark about information architecture.