• http://www.VerticalMeasures.com Arnie K

    Garrett – I’d like to add better reporting to the MajesticSEO wish list. Or maybe we need better training? :-)

  • http://www.webnabit.com mwheeler

    Good call Garrett. As a PR dude, I can definitely say it is becoming more implemented (www.webnabit.com cough cough). All of you guys have some great ideas and hypotheses. I just hope the online world keeps evolving, for better or worse, change keeps us on our toes and it keeps great idea sharing sites like this one active.

  • fdhill

    Old Farts are good. Its amazing to me that so many people keep looking for the silver bullet in linking when the hard work version always worked and still does. Never gets banned or penalized either.

  • http://linkbuildr.com Geoff

    I love the part about consumers gaining trust the more they see you online AND in the real world. I think that 2010 will be a year wherein huge marketing companies realize they can manipulate their clients to translate into viral content for the internet.

    For example, Lady GaGa pulled the exact opposite of the Milli Vanilli and when the music cut out, she wasn’t found to be lipsyncing, instead, she sang quite well and the crowd got into it. It was a great way to garner some internet attention and lend her some credibility to those that weren’t too impressed with her talents. Anyways, it led to thousands of upvotes on reddit and got her some links in the process I’m sure.

    I’m not saying that her publicity or marketing team planned this one, but I am saying they are going to start.

  • http://www.search-engine-academy-washington-dc.com seodc

    I’m glad to see the emphasis on continued link building. I’ve had good results with it, and too many people see it as a PITA, but many things are.

    I am also happy to see offline advertising mentioned. For one of my sites, it increased sales by almost 35%. It’s not all or nothing in terms of online and offline advertising. A nice mix of both can work wonders, but like everything, it needs to be tested for best results.

  • http://www.makebuzz.com makebuzz

    Thanks for the valuable insight! In reference to Debra’s comments as well as a thought for the future: I’ve noticed that many big brands are engaging in pay-per-listing, “link-farm” efforts, instead of leveraging their brand equity to acquire relevant, high value links from brand and industry partners. However, I’ve seen very few big brands take advantage of such a strategy.