• edeb

    Now look Eric, I’ve heard about giving great value in a post, but this is ridiculous. A solid idea for an existing business and a good idea for a new one? What am I going to do with all this value!

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    Link Marketing seems great in theory. However, in practice day-to-day business the application could be extremely tricky, difficult to implement particularly if both companies have some common products even though one company may sell something the other does not sell.

    There may be some issues such as repeated customers,market share, low pricing or discount for common products. I see more downsides than benefits.

    I could only see a benefit if they sell completely two different products like one sells shoes and the other clothes.
    It is a concept which needs to rethink.
    Leon F

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    Wow! You are ahead of your time. This is thinking outside of the box and could be profitable for both companies. This would take a very progressive company like Google to accept this as part of a marketing campaign. I would be more then happy to pay you for sending links (business) to me. I offer Internet Marketing services, but my clients are not the level of business that would work with Search Engine Land. In reality I am not the only one that would take you up on the offer. Now the new question is who do you send links to and is it exclusive?

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    Great! If these two companies would belong to the same equity holding they would act like this.