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     This are some great news. I expected them to present something new
    considering the rate at which they developed lately. They really have
    demonstrated that they are the best site explorer at this moment. I’m
    looking forward to test this update.

  • http://twitter.com/nsauser nsauser

    I’m excited because I’ll probably move away from the Moz tools given the fact that the OSE and Linkscape has been poorly managed over the last couple of months.

  • http://twitter.com/seodio Seodio, Inc.

    wow this is so cool! Thanks for your article! Got to love the new metrics. I will me looking into this further for sure. We also provide SEO Services So this is great news. Thanks Barry!

  • http://davidawilson.co.uk/ David Wilson

    This seems interesting and provides an added bit of data to digest. It’s always nice to know a little more about the links to your site and to your competitions sites, but I’m not sure if this will be enough to make me transition to majestic. . .

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    But the main important thing is that, flow and density are both important for google. according to perfect SEO I think so if you build 2 links in 1 day or in 1 week or any ratio of back links, you need to keep uniform that frequency for you website. if you Do SEO for this Flow it is best for you. and it is best way to keep your link metrics update for google and for your website ranking.
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  • Pay4ResultsSEO

    Well, interesting development but poorly presented.  The three charts above are really not user friendly for specialists let alone clients. 

  • http://www.stanleyoppenheimer.com searchengineman

    I think this is only the first phase of Majestics offering.  

    It would make sense that the TRUST-CITATION box, could be more detailed, so you can identify..winning sites and losing sites via Mouse over –  It would be nice if we could get a CSV output of the chart from 100,100  to 1,1 in order

     – or side by side!  being able to see your competitors links against yours, and identify the gaps..for LINK discovery!

    I like the idea behind this, I think it can be useful.


  • http://www.stanleyoppenheimer.com searchengineman

    This is Hilarious, 

    You can really see the foot print of who’s doing
    a great job online!  The difference is staggering.

    If you look at coke.com
    Citation Flow: 33  Trust Flow: 33
    2773 – referring domains – 11854 backlinks


    Citation Flow: 57  Trust Flow:61
    10908 – referring domains – 251284 backlinks


  • http://twitter.com/peterelmhirst Peter Elmhirst

     haha you just got someone fired searchengineman

  • http://www.stanleyoppenheimer.com searchengineman

    Not fired, its always an opportunity, for someone to pitch Coke an appropriate online strategy.. I bet the poor online coke guys are struggling with resources and HIPPO’s.  So maybe if they can take this post and say what the %$!#%.. Maybe it will light a fire under the right tuchus, instead of spending 3 million dollars on the next Super Bowl AD, on Madison Avenue..

    The rules are different with brands. Pepsi IMHO is always trying to get in the face of the younger crowd–and have succeeded. So it makes sense Pepsi is chasing more eyeballs online to nail that audience down..  While Coke is what your father & grandfather drinks. Coke is not going away, But they’re playing catch up.  

    It’s kind of scary that the link graph of who’s on top. Eerily matches the financials of these two soda giants.http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=coke+sales+vs+pepsi+sales  

    But what the hell do I know (   Correlation is not Causation) 
    just becauseit looks connected doesn’t mean it actually ishttp://www.businessweek.com/magazine/correlation-or-causation-12012011-gfx.html  (funnier)

    (Disclaimer – I like Coke, I work online, I am a father!)


  • http://twitter.com/NecatiTure Necati Türe

    I think the previous way of shoving metrics was more user frendly. This new one is a bit complicated..

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    This is awesome information. I am so new to all of this. Learning so much from sites like this
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    So what is the most ideal score to have with this?

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    Excellent explanation. I have checked my new site citation flow and trust flow. It’s respectively 10 & 6.. I am feeling like hang myself :(