• http://markpetherbridge.co.uk Mark Petherbridge

    Oh dear, if you want to ruin a good service – get Microsoft to but it! Suppose this means the Linux support is going to vanish!

  • http://roshanjoshi.com.np Roshan Joshi

    Microsoft want to use Skype the way Google used YouTube

  • http://balanceeffect.com Timothy M. Chedester

    If it doesn’t stay free…. I won’t use it

  • http://screenwerk.com Greg Sterling

    The basic service will probably remain free. MSFT would be foolish to change that

  • http://www.indexwebmarketing J. Easterbrook

    What about MSN?

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/jdoblak Dan Oblak

    Clearly, MS will allow LiveID authentication for Skype — no matter what else they decide to change (or leave the same). Then, at some point, LiveID will be the ONLY method for Skype logins — which is great for the MS marketing people; but also great for the teaming hordes of 14-yr-olds who love to hack them. Dissappointing — despite the level of (often deserved) vitriol toward Google and Facebook, I would trust their authentication over MS’s any day.

  • http://www.choicehotels.com Bryant

    Seems that everyone is focusing on how Microsoft is going to integrate Skype into their current offerings. Has everyone forgot Microsoft also just bought an install base/user base of 600 million people with 140 million plus active on a monthly basis? This just gave them a huge boost for behavioral targeting (Atlas) as well as potentially being able to “integrate” Bing on another huge user/client base. With the other moves Microsoft has made recently with RIM, Nokia, Verizon, etc. they are looking to really promote/grow Bing and their search/social/online channels. This is a huge potential win/win for both companies.

  • http://www.ymarketing.com/ Ryan_Lash

    Definitely a Facebook play in the works, I would expect to see an “integration” in the near-term