• http://www.elliottlemenager.com elemenager

    Mark thanks for the review! I’m the community manager for Microsoft Tag and I wanted to reach out to let everyone know that if they have additional questions about Tag or need help setting up their own you can reach out to me anytime for help.


  • http://MSprague.com Mark Sprague


    I’d be interested in hearing how the technology is going to evolve in the future.


  • http://www.ericward.com Eric Ward

    Elliott – I’m liking the tags. A couple ideas. MTag design is (or can be) an artistic expression. Some are beautiful. Create a site dedicated to the art and form of the MTag. Awards, social voting, the whole 9. Have contests for the most creative implementation. Involve college art and bschools, since these will be the generation for whom these tags will be as common as bar codes are to us today. Create an app that lets them be identified/resolved by photographing them. Then, put a tag 20 feet tall on billboards all over the country. People in cars take a picture of it, and some of them unlock URLs that win Xboxes and Kinects. Regardless, think big.