• http://www.davidmihm.com David Mihm

    Greg, in all seriousness, I’d be interested to know what Bing returns for “Locksmith, NY” — are their “new” Local results less spammy than Google’s? That is certainly an area where they could IMMEDIATELY be 50% better…

  • http://tamale tamale

    Nice comparison, Greg. For future comparisons, please feel free to use the mashup I created..



  • http://in-or-out.org pitzblog

    There is already a search engine comparison available:


    Quite interesing to enter “bing” and to compare the results :-)

  • domagoj

    If you want to compare results side by side, horizontal or vertical, and auto scrolling both results at the same time, check this out:


  • dan

    Looked up the definition of “bing” :

    “bing” – noun, a heap or pile.

    “bing” – verb, obsolete.

    Either way things don’t look good.

  • http://blog.gadodia.net Vaibhav

    I use Bing daily since it launched. I have come to the conclusion that Google understands the context of your query better than Bing: http://blog.gadodia.net/bing-vs-google-no-fancy-analytics-pure-personal-experience/

  • sekarda

    check out
    It searches Google and Bing at the same time.

  • http://www.frankelcoachinggroup.com crisfrankel

    One great thing about Bing is using it for shopping… Search the term wii in Bing. Notice at the top there will be a sponsored link for a percent off anything on eBay. Just follow the link.

  • claydo

    The best site for comparing Google, Yahoo and Bing is http://www.search3.com/ It shows the results from all three search engines side-by-side. It’s amazing the differences. It also works for image searches.


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