• http://www.maxwebinc.com/ Maxweb Inc

    Every update is not perfect. When they rolled out 2.0, a lot of spam sites are still standing in the first page.

    It is the same with this scenario.
    Many updates will roll out soon .

    They needed to be careful too, because some of the sites that are legit are hit when 2.0. So, they need to take a lot of time doing this refreshes.

  • http://www.eroticfemdomhypnosis.com jennydemilo

    I have an adult niche site and ive been effected by this update. My site isnt “spammy” i follow all the Google rules (Niche:erotic hypnosis) but id bet you dollars to donuts that “hypnosis” is one of the targeted search terms. Of course i will never get a straight answer and have to muddle and fumble around to find a solution and lose lots of business in the process. Good times