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    Mobile devices accounting for 44.2% of all paid search clicks in 2013! Now that’s epic.

    Though I wonder if it’s a isolated event, or is mobile commerce going to keep on going up and up! That should serve as a clear signal for businesses to get cracking on optimising their mobile sites!

    Thanks for posting this, Ginny!

    Sam Hum

  • Openuris

    The report on paid search spend is fundamentally inaccurate due to huge changes in google services they aren’t acknowledging.

    The statistics are faulted since they’re not taking into account google killing all free shopping feeds this summer. A huge amount of total conversions previously came from google’s free product listings, formerly google base, then google product search, which has now been forced into paid-only adwords product listing ads. My statistics show PPC conversions and thus spend are up about 20 – 50%, site dependent, over last year, almost linearly at the expense of canceling the free product search.

    They’re comparing apples to oranges trying to make a direct YOY comparison. Without compensating for what free product listings would have accounted for last year, this simply shows me a redistribution from a free service to a paid one.