• http://www.webbizz.net/ Hadi Nugraha

    Seems like it will be more hard to have a published content :(

  • http://federicoeinhorn.com/ Fede Einhorn

    I personally can confirm all the described in the story is actually real and working.

    A few month ago we bought a PR from PRWeb to announce our new affiliate program, targeted to Website owners and publishers. Their editorial team rejected the release as it was too close to one of the banned categories “Work from Home”. Although we are an active Vocus customer, their customer service and editorial team is very helpful and will explain any doubt you may have in case a PR is declined.

  • Stephen Kenwright

    They should just ban links.

  • jos3ph

    This doesn’t address the main problem with PRWeb: many of the releases they run are not at all “newsworthy” and are explicitly done solely for SEO purposes, which makes them clearly a paid link as Cutts pointed out at SMX.


    “Optimize your release with embedded keywords and links”


  • http://www.kdweb.co.uk/seo.htm SEO Companies London

    That’s excellent! about time they did do something about this!