• http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    There a million and one things to keep track of during a rebranding process. All of them need to be updated in order to ensure consistency across the board. I think it’s also important to give people plenty of heads up that things are changing so the switch doesn’t confuse people.

  • http://www.dynamikinternetmarketing.com/ Dino Gomez

    This is a great post Janet and as you said it’s important to consider social profiles for rebranding. Funny this was posted today. We just completed our rebrand and wrote the 11 Easy Steps for Improving Keyword Rankings on a New Domain- http://ow.ly/tRF6a

    We didn’t touch on the social element but on the technicalities from a web design standpoint to maintain SEO legacy. There is so much to account for in a rebrand but we have found it to be a very strategic marketing move. Best of all it is very enjoyable and always exciting.