• I.T.

    The title is erroneous because Google does not “control” it…. The correct title should be “44% of Online Advertisers Choose Google”.

    It would be criminal to try to accuse Google of anti-trust when PEOPLE CHOSE THEM! Enough with all the communist in this country!

  • http://europeforvisitors.com Durant Imboden

    I’m not an antitrust expert, but I can’t help wondering it it’s even possible to be a monopolist with a minority market share.

  • http://www.wpwebhost.com W.H.

    I think Google just monopolize everything. I won’t be surprise if one day the richest man is the founder of Google.

  • http://www.gamerstube.com Joe Youngblood

    Google does control it by exerting massive control over market forces. Online video ads won’t go up unless google evenly distributes online video traffic. That simply will not happen as google desperately wants to make billions out of youtube and get in and its content into the living room space.

    Google also exerts market forces via their advertising network and also exerts content control through the same market force and their search engine.

    If an advertiser challenged Google’s dominance they would simply be purchased for massive sums and in a VC backed world there is little the founding owners would be able to do to stop it. So yes, it is clearly in violation of anti-trust rules. Just because it is not trucks, building and refinieries doesnt mean that the intangibles of source, content and ads are less meaningful.