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    I believe that the monetization of Google AdSense beyond the boundaries of a publisher’s website will be one application of this. To date, AdWords advertisers bid the display network based on placements and demographic data. However, tomorrow we’ll layer user browsing history as an additional filter. Advertisers already do it on their own websites with AdWords retargeting. The data exchange will enable AdWords advertisers to retarget to users who have visited other web properties (with their permission of course).

    This doesn’t make sense for competitors. For example, HomeDepot.com won’t want to allow Lowes.com to advertise to their audience list. However, for content publishers it provides a means to monetize their traffic across the web. For example, Search Engine Land could allow SEM platform providers to advertise to their audience lists across the web. Google facilitates the data exchange and market via an AdWords/AdSense integration.