• http://www.footinmouthdisease.net footinmouth

    :P it’s been so long since I paid attention to Bing and Yahoo that I’m kinda fuzzy on what examctly is meant by “optimization” for bing…

  • http://rosmarin-search-marketing.com Myron Rosmarin

    Echoing footinmouth – if there are specific recommendations for optimizing a page/site for Bing, this report would have been a good place to share that.

  • Fluid

    One thing I’ve noticed, not right across the board but in certain cases, is that a drop in ranking in Google is accompanied by a rise in Yahoo/Bing (though not the other way around).

    That kind of suggests for certain sites it’s one or the other, not both! If there is a way to optimise for Yahoo/Bing that doesn’t ‘damage’ the work put in for Google, then I’d like to hear it, because losing Google ranking just to improve Yahoo/Bing is not an option and we might as well carry on ignoring the latter!

  • http://CopelandSearchMarketing.com Mike Mueller

    I agree with footinmouth and Myron that optimizing for Bingahoo is a bit of a mystery, and a link to a related post with such suggestions would have been helpful. I also agree with Fluid that as Google rankings rise, Bing’s seem to drop.

    The actual Chikita article says, ” Simply by opening up their site to allow non-Google search engines to index all pages should result in an almost immediate 21% bump in traffic…” That’s sounds ridiculous. You don’t simply “open up” your site to indexing. My sites are plenty “open” to indexing but that doesn’t necessarily equate with positive Bing rankings.

  • http://CopelandSearchMarketing.com Mike Mueller

    Apologize for the misspellings above…in particular “Chitika.” My spelling is more in line with bananas…

  • http://www.josebaumbelina.com Joseba Umbelina

    Well a high percentage of the SEO you do for Google also works quite well for Yahoo and Bing IMO, so I don’t really see a big problem.

    In other hand, you have to be careful because some things like keyword stuffing can work nice in Bing and put you in a risky situtation in Google.

    So, yes, have in mind Yahoo and Bing but don’t go crazy with it..