• http://ConversionScientist.com Brian Massey

    It strikes me that the terms being used: “Marketing” and “IT” are totally inadequate for these evolving roles. Both terms carry certain baggage. The tools you hint at here are creating a “customer API” in which customers and prospects provide permission for access and through which communications people within a company carry on conversations. Consumers provide data through the API so that companies can provide relevant content. There’s another name for this, but I don’t know what it is.

  • Scott Brinker

    Cool idea, Brian. I like the reconceptualization of a “Customer API.”

    Al Ries wrote a recent article in Ad Age that pushed back on the concept of “marketing” as the umbrella for what we do today. He gravitated toward “branding” as the better label, but I’m not sure that fully captures it either:


    The world is shifting in pretty big ways, and sometimes what we need is new nomenclature to fully appreciate just how significant the change is.