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    It is too early to say whether or not Google’s Hotel Finder would pose a threat to the different hotel search engines currently available. If at all, it may actually lead to their benefit.

    Majority of travelers do their search for hotels by typing in a particular landmark or address in the search box provided by many online travel sites, a feature that is not yet available at the Google Hotel Finder. Travelers can use the hotel finder to make a shortlist of hotels that are well within their budget. Since the hotel finder shows a list of the different websites where a hotel can be booked, the traveler can go to the site that offers the lowest possible rate for the hotel and do a search using a particular attraction or landmark they want to see or need to visit. They can then trim down their shortlist based on their distance until they are left with the best hotel to book.

    Of course, if Google does include a landmark or address search option in their hotel finder, that would be a completely different story, which makes it quite interesting to see how their new service will develop in the coming weeks and months.