• http://jeremie.com jeremie

    We’re working on getting the client working in test mode, but yes, lots needs to be fixed :)

  • wolf

    http://www.faroo.com goes even a step further: distributed crawling and distributed search.

  • hoodmonkey

    So what stops these clients from downloading illegal material and harmful software to end-users computers?

    Even in a protected environment, my ISP might like to know why I’ve been downloading gigabytes of information over the past week which may or may not have included questionable adult material. They might also question my use of the wikia client, but thats another story.

  • http://www.widgetlogic.com JasonD

    Although it sounds nice to have an open source spidering engine, but will the backend infrastructure be open sourced and will the collected data be made available to the community as well ?

  • http://sethf.com/ Seth Finkelstein

    I downloaded the Linux version – it seems to be from December 2002! Is it really worth putting effort into it?

  • http://neosmart.net/blog/ Computer Guru

    I think this is disgusting. Wikipedia exploits end-users to generate content and links, but that’s one thing seeing as Wikipedia is non-profit and all.

    But with WIKIA using end-users internet connections and power bills (both of which already cost too much), it’s become Jimmy Wales exploiting the human race to fatten his wallet.

    Wikia is a for-profit corporation, people! Don’t fall for this gimmick, support a REAL distrbuted computing project like Folding@Home or Seti@Home and help the world at large, not just Jimmy Wale’s plans to buy a small country!