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    Great article!

  • Catalysts SEO

    This is simply showing that smart phone crawler of Google is working differently than the Google web crawler. Number of sites the smart phone crawler crawled versus the number of sites crawled by the simple Google crawler has a lot difference.
    – Search engine marketing – http://www.seocatalysts.com/

  • http://twitter.com/christian_wilde Christian Oliveira

    Hi Cindy!

    Great info! I used to check the feature phone version of Google when it was reachable with m.google.com but when it changed I stopped using it because of not knowing how to found it.

    The m.ebay.com URLs appearing in the desktop and smartphone versions of Google could be because the robots.txt file was not like that anytime ago (for example, if one month ago the robots.txt was different, google could index those pages). 

    Regarding to this, what do you think about the practice of blocking Googlebot in the mobile subdomain’s robots.txt?

  • JanMq


    Thanks for the article. I think the site m.ebay.com is indexed, because there are Links referring to this page. Googlebot does not crawl it (no description or any other content visible in the description) but it will appear in the serps.
    The only way to prevent indexing is by the noindex Tag.
    I am not sure about the Login Page, since there is some content visible…

  • Cindy Krum

    Thanks for the comments – I agree that the ebay pages could be indexed because they recently changed the robots.txt file and they have not fallen out yet, or because of links. Good points in all of the comments!

  • http://www.brysonmeunier.com/ Bryson Meunier

    Hi Cindy,

    Very happy to see you writing on mobile SEO again! Enjoyed the article and I have fond memories of the feature phone index, so I appreciate the public reminder. :)

    One clarification, though: just searching from google.com/m on your desktop won’t give you smartphone results. The results are similar, but in order to see mobile sites in place of desktop results you need to spoof the user agent. You don’t see them otherwise. I use Ultimate User Agent Switcher, URL sniffer0.9.0.4 for Chrome, which works pretty well.


  • http://www.facebook.com/cindy.krum Cindy Krum

    Hey Bryson – Thanks! You are right, to get a proper WAP search result you have to pass the user agent, but to query the WAP index you can do it as I described in the article. I have actually developed a tool that allows you to pass the user-agent and the search query and preview/compare the results across 3 phones. Here is a video that shows how it works:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctoWyP-l6W0 or you can just try the tool here:  http://www.mobilemoxie.com/handset-emulators/search-engine-simulation/

  • http://www.brysonmeunier.com/ Bryson Meunier

    Thanks, Cindy. I was talking about smartphone results (not WAP/feature phone) though. You do need to pass the user agent for those.

    I’m aware of the tool and like it, but the queries I tried were a bit buggy and I’ve found the plugin works just fine.

    Great to see you writing again! Have enjoyed your recent articles.

  • Stephen Oliver

    I have ecommerce site with both mobile version and desktop version.
    Mobile version starts with m.example.com and full version starts with www.example.com

    I am using same content through out both site and using 301 redirection by detecting user agent vice-versa. My both sites are accessible to crawl by any google spider. 

    I have submitted both sites’s sitemap to GWT and mobile site having mobile sitemap xml, so google can easily recognize my mobile site. 

    Is it going to help to rank my both sites as per my expectation?

    I need to rank for mobile site in Google mobile and ranking for desktop site in Google desktop version. 

    Some of pages of my mobile site are started to appearing in Google desktop version. So how I can stop them to appear in Google desktop? 

    Your comments are highly welcome. 

  • Stephen Oliver

    Can I expect answer from expert?