• http://twitter.com/HyperTexted Kevin Gerding

    Awww, is poor Google getting bullied around by Apple? lol When my Droid contract is up it is going in the trash, and I’m getting an iPhone.

  • http://twitter.com/Greekgeek Greekgeek

    I just wonder how many existing iPhone and iPad owners are refusing to update to iOS6 because they refuse to lose something they use every day for unknown perks and problems. Why SHOULD I update? I like Google Maps, and all I’m hearing about is kludges that don’t quite deliver what I’ve got now.

    I’m just not hearing enough good stuff about IOS6 to justify losing one of the things I like most. Hey Apple, hear that?

    I’ve had Apple products in the house since 1979. You’re not losing me. But you’re also not getting me to change. YOU fix it. Once you’ve figured out how to serve up the Google Maps App we like in iOS6, we’ll check it out. Until then, we stick with what works, thanks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=529231997 Dan G

    Passed on the tiny-screen, no LTE iPhone, when I renewed in with Verizon in January. Got the big screen, simultaneous talk and and data LTE Galaxy Nexus, and I love it. I have choices on how I get apps on my Nexus – Play or Amazon or sideload

  • JLishere

    Thanks Danny for looking into it. I wish more journalists would question Apple on the issue. Google submitted its enhanced voice search app for iOS back in August. I find it ridiculous that Apple still remains silent on the issue and hasn’t approved the app because allegedly, it’s still ‘looking into’ it. Let’s get the FTC to intervene again, and perhaps Apple will change its tune like it did for Google Voice. iOS users deserve better than Siri.

  • Mike

    @twitter-601259204:disqus the point is censorship on the part of Apple (and Verizon), not a sob story for either company. If Apple released an app for Android, WIndows Mobile, or BlackBerry OS devices (farfetched, I know), they would not need to wait through a trivial approval process in order to compete. Apple, Google, Microsoft, whichever–I’m going to choose free market every time. To each their own I guess…

  • http://twitter.com/humancyborg Human Cyborg

    Practically, how useful is that? I’ve had almost every Android device since the G1 and probably sideloaded a handful of times, and never even thought about using the Amazon store.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jose-Gonzalez-Villa/733718291 Jose Gonzalez Villa

    the point here is that YOU’RE NOT chained, you have choices and you’re free to decide what to do with your own phone.