• http://vizualize.me/jamesmellor James Mellor

    Good roundup. I can confirm that this is location aware too – I’m in the UK gets one differences to your findings.

  • http://javascriptsandmore.com Shawn Lippert

    Thanks for the Info, I put the Google+ badge on my Blog instead of the main page of my site. I wonder if putting there would make any difference, I have created 3 pages with Google+ and Nothing is showing up in the Search results using the example you showed above, maybe it will just take longer!

  • http://twitter.com/Lokitis Sarah Lokitis

    I was just taking a look at Direct Connect and can’t get any of the brands listed above to appear within Google Suggest or take me directly to the page. 

    Has Google retired this because they want users to stay on the SERP and see results there?