• pepethecow

    @benmwatson / Ben Watson (Live Search software engineer) http://www.twitter.com/benmwatson

  • http://advertising.yahoo.com/ yahooguy

    @yahooguy / Gabe Elliott (search & display Executive)


  • peeyush

    @googlewmc (official Google Webmaster Central)

  • http://www.seobegin.com safcblogger

    Thanks for the list Danny, it will be great to see the tweets thrown up by these unsuspecting employees after the rush of followers :)

  • http://www.live.com acerbicmilk

    @fareologist (offical Microsoft Live Search Farecast)
    @cashbackdotcom (official Microsoft Live Search cashback)

  • http://dotcomexpert.blogspot.com DotComExpert

    That’s Great to see Google come to twitter . and all others top sites

    i think same big change will happen to site of twitter .

  • http://thenoisychannel.com/ Daniel Tunkelang

    Are you only counting the web search engines?

    @dtunkelang (Chief Scientist of Endeca)

  • http://smashingfeeds.com blogfisher

    Its not only search engines, many companies have created their twitter profile, GE, Microsoft, dell, etc..

  • forsgren

    These are all people from the blog search engine Twingly:

    http://twitter.com/martinkallstrom / Martin Källström (CEO)
    http://twitter.com/agaton / Anton Johansson
    http://twitter.com/osks / Oskar Skoog
    http://twitter.com/nicke / Niclas Wiström
    http://twitter.com/matdahl / Mattias Dahlström
    http://twitter.com/anmara / Anja Rauch
    http://twitter.com/bjomi / Björn Milton
    http://twitter.com/forsgren / Kristoffer Forsgren

  • forsgren

    Forgot one from the Twingly staff:
    http://twitter.com/pontuse / Pontus Edenberg

  • http://www.seobegin.com safcblogger

    @ forsgren agreed we need more from the blogging community, but i think that was Dannys point, it will be unending… i have added Martin Kallstrom :happysmiley:

  • Betsy Aoki

    @baoki although a lot of what I tweet from this account is social media or community application/building related (and sometimes videogames).

  • bjawien

    @searchtransfer is the Asia Pac search community delivered by @transfergroup – check us out…

  • http://www.planetc1.com/ chiropractic

    I’m assuming that the individuals would own their named twitter accounts but has anyone seen examples where the account is owned instead by the search company?

  • bck

    Aww, Cuil doesn’t make the list? I’m Senior UI Developer at Cuil, @bck on Twitter, and one of our engineers, Ash Rust, is on there too as @ashrust.

  • http://www.w3monitor.com Alex F

    I think I need to take a closer look on Twitter….

  • http://www.w3monitor.com Alex F

    Hello, recently found a new web-based program that enables free electronic monitoring of any web page for changes: W3Monitor (http:www.w3monitor.com)